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Violence, what’s in it for us?

Dutch Jews lining up for roll call during the Holocaust

Violence! What do we derive from it? Is there enjoyment? Why is it so uncontrolled especially amongst our youths?

Going back into history from the days of slavery progressing to the massacre of the Jews, the ethnic cleansing of the Slovakians, the Tootsies of Rwanda as well as today’s gang violence among some of our esteemed artistes that led to their deaths (Notorious BIG,  TuPac not to mention 50 cents claim to fame of being shot 9 times) it is evident that violence has always been a part of our lives. And for some it has become an acceptable part of their existence. However, I have yet to grasp these atrocities for I will forever feel the pain of the unspoken.

It is mind bugling when I think of the pure innocence with which we arrive into this world, untouched and unclear of what lies ahead of us subsequently becoming tainted by our environment, our upbringing and the psyche of others. It is clear, and I am sincere about this, that the Universe has opened a path for me in many ways. So much so that I feel duty bound to use my platform as an artiste/entertainer to continue to inspire our young people especially the underprivileged youth to help them mirror the passageway of respect and love giving deep deliberation and insight into their purpose on this earth.

Being born into poverty is not a crime and should not be used as an excuse to do atrocious acts. When we are abusive to others and corrupted in our thoughts and deeds it instead shows up as a sign of fear and weakness within us. It is not a shame being born into the gutter but to remain in the gutter is shameful. There is a purpose to your lives.

My young ones optimism, love, respect are words that can only be active by taking action beginning with you. Building oneself is increasing one’s quality in life and by doing this it will help us to venture out of that dungeon of darkness. Respecting and loving who you are is the key to having positive experiences and reaping the success we all yearn for in this life.

We are all born with aggression; it is the defensive part of us. It is a form of outward selfishness that acts as our defense mechanism when needed. However, if we take the time to understand the sources of our aggression and the events and things that trigger it off we can gain better control of our reactions. This will in turn prevent many unpleasant and regretful acts from taking place.

Take a minute to think objectively and reflect whether there were any positive outcomes in violent encounters, whether it involved a family member or a despised enemy. Have you noticed that such darkness of despising each other for one-dimensional reasons leads only to destruction taking away our innocence and right to peace and happiness? Encouraging and reinforcing each other my young brethren will uplift your generation and the generation to come bringing harmony to this global hemisphere.

So next time you feel yourself wanting to lose your temper or to be influenced wrongly by your peers take 5 seconds to ask yourself, “Are these few minutes of me losing control worth a lifetime of despair?” In this age of free information we are all aware of the  consequences of negative behaviour, every action movie shows it and every newspaper headline broadcasts it so there is no need for me to reiterate it here. Instead I want to implore to your better judgment because I know we all have that FANGA, that inner voice that tells us we know better and because we have that free will to choose we are going to choose that path that brings us respect, honor and love for our fellow man.

Let us not take the road of some of our idols but instead learn from their experiences and become a better person. As I vehemently sang in one of my songs “I am a Warrior, born free, Freedom becomes me….” So be free my brethren! Take hold of your FANGA!


Don’t forget to click on the underlined words in blue to listen to Warrior!

About hsfanga

As a prolific vocalist I have spent many years crafting and developing my talent to reach my present point. Although I still have a long way to go I am truly grateful for the energies and blessings that the universe has poured into my life. And despite all the difficulties and challenges faced I am excited to share this journey with you....FANGA!


2 thoughts on “Violence, what’s in it for us?

  1. I wholeheartedly agree! I find it helpful to turn this potential monster into a mouse by objectifying it… Acknowledging it…then releasing it. Fear is what it is until we indulge it. The choice is ours. Enjoying your posts, Hillary. You help make facebook worthwhile!”

    Posted by Ze'ev | May 15, 2011, 22:03
  2. Don’t 4get the mildest forms of violence–taking another woman’s man/husband n vice versa..the receptionist, throwing away your job application when they still have jobs available…the gossip-whore, spreading vicious rumors, etc. It’s these very small, seemingly insignificant tasks that often lead to the more severe violence that is more recognized as violence. However, the people behind these terrible deeds have deep feelings of insignificance and self hate. They feed off the demise of others and get cheap thrills off of rendering their intended target powerless, thereby giving themselves the notion that they are powerful. As for this younger generation; they have no respect for others and for life itself, so why not take the life of someone who beat them in a game of basketball, or kill their significant other just because he/she left them, or “off” the brother just because he’s better at the “rap game.” I could say this stems from children raising children, but that would be a cop out because there are many other variables to this tragic conditioning. As with most issues, you must look at the root of the problem because just like a pimple, if picked at from the top, it will continue to grow. With that being said, there will always be some sort of violence because it is associated with power. Nevertheless, you can always find peace..from within yourself and..from the last walk we take when we pass on from this thing we call life. PEACE!

    Posted by Drummergirl Rollins | May 11, 2011, 17:40

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