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Today I am Angry!

A FB friend of mine posted on his wall a video of the most monstrous act ever. I could not believe what I was looking at. My eyes filled with tears, my heart sank, my stomach ached, I could not sleep that night after viewing the video of a man being severely beaten. Then to make matters worse while he was being tortured someone poured gas over him. At this point I guess his worst fear came to realization of what would be next so he got the courage to get up and run. But while running and trying to escape this dreadful experience he got hit by two vehicles. He fell down and at that moment the mob of bastards burnt him alive.

It was amazing to me that NO ONE tried to do anything to stop this atrocious act. A man’s life was savagely taken because he committed a crime – theft! I could not believe this barbaric act was coming from a village of everyday simple people. How could we be so vile? What messages are being sent to our young ones (the future of tomorrow)? In my opinion there is no justification for such actions, none whatsoever!!! Where is our
compassion?  At the rate the human race is going obliterating one another seems to be the hell on earth. Are we on the path of destruction? Is this it? Barbarism is at its highest rate more than ever before; maybe we are in the last days.

As for the comments on FB some of them were shocking and disgusting to read. They were like the second mob putting him to death a second time. We have become an ugly society, a society that has no scruples. Looking at the man being stomped upon and abused by so many others I thought about this man’s mother and the pain she will bear throughout her life knowing her son died in such a horrible circumstance. Does it make us a better society by taking the law in our own hands? Who are we? I am angry to the point that I cannot stop speaking about it and it is annoying some of my friends. It unsettled me as if he was one of my own and the only way I know how to let this pain go is by sharing it with you.   

We pay for everything on this earth. Our suffering is here and now. We answer to all the bad that we bestowed onto others; if not us our generation to come. It is like an heir loom. Yes! We all pay for the sins of our parents and our parent’s parents. It is therefore most important for us to be kind and respectful to others, to love and to share and to put ourselves as often as we can in the shoes of others before judging and taking things into
our own hands.

Three things in human life are important: The first is to be kind. The second is to be kind. And the third is to be kind…… Henry James.

 (You may view the video by clicking here should you so desire but be warned it is VERY graphic).

About hsfanga

As a prolific vocalist I have spent many years crafting and developing my talent to reach my present point. Although I still have a long way to go I am truly grateful for the energies and blessings that the universe has poured into my life. And despite all the difficulties and challenges faced I am excited to share this journey with you....FANGA!


7 thoughts on “Today I am Angry!


    Posted by Jennifer | July 27, 2011, 09:19
  2. The only difference between now and earlier times, as far as human behavior, is that now we get to see it almost immediately on the internet. There is nothing new about that nor is it worse than many of the atrocities committed throughout history. I seriously doubt it will ever change … But then again maybe it will, now that we are able to witness so much via the internet …

    Posted by randy gilmore | July 27, 2011, 04:05
  3. Although I was not able to view the video, I thought I would leave my two cents anyway.

    What about the culture of the people who were being videotaped? Does their culture demand and/or condone instant retribution? Although the culture (coupled with my personality)that I’m from tells me that that is wrong, we cannot so readily assume that everyone has the same norms. The punishment certainly did not fit the crime.
    I know you were speaking of this one particular incident, but you mentioned the youth, our future. The video being viewed will cause some of our youths (who view it) to believe it is ok and probably even to go and participate in such acts. Those are the ones we’ll see and hear about. But, thankfully, there will be those (I believe the majority) who’ll feel just like you and never participate in such actions. I am not suggesting that we do nothing about the youths that are being influenced by such unspeakable acts of cruelty.
    One of the things that needs to be done is that people should start video taping and flooding the Net with everyday acts of kindness (let’s see how many hits those will get) to counter the negative ones.

    Posted by Nicky | July 26, 2011, 14:36
  4. To treat others as you would have them treat you – this is the basis for our humanity

    Posted by tamara genosar | July 26, 2011, 10:44
  5. we’ve got to do our part in the war against evil. kill them (their yetzer hara) with kindness, right? 🙂 there’s this quote which whenever i feel dejected about things in the world, i read it and it makes me hold my head high. it goes: “Humans were born of risen apes, not fallen angels, and the apes were armed killers besides. And so what shall we wonder at? Our murders and massacres and missiles? Or our treaties whatever they may be worth; our symphonies however seldom they may be played; our peaceful acres however frequently they may be turned into battlefields. The miracle of man is not how far he has sunk, but how magnificently he has risen. We are known among the stars by our poems, not our corpses.” – Robert Ardrey Hope it helps you like it does to me

    Posted by Nicholas | July 26, 2011, 10:08
  6. @ Nicholas. I think it is some where in Nigeria, btw I do agree there’s a lot of good in the world but this one really hurt me. Hugs to you too!

    Posted by Hillary | July 26, 2011, 09:18
  7. That is awful – I don’t need to see the video… the way you explained it was enough. Where was the video taken? It’s true – people can be depraved and barbaric… but at the same time, there is still so much good in the world. Let’s not forget that. You are one person, but this single blog resonates with your readers and your push for kindness will be remembered by ppl.

    Posted by Nicholas | July 26, 2011, 07:35

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