FANGA Daily Quotes
Life is like an exam everyday we are being tested…..2 May
By comparing ourselves to others, we lose the advantage of knowing our true potential…..1 May.
The mind can paint anything you want it to, bringing it to life well that is another issue…30 Apr.
The ego is one of our worst attribute…..29 Apr.
We are all God’s children and that makes us good people it is the questionable things that we do that makes us ugly….28 Apr
To discriminate against someone at face value predicts our fear and arrogance….25 Apr
Being insensitive with one another does not help in any situation…..22 Apr
The skin is the largest organ in our body, by not taking care of it, it becomes like a wither salad without dressing……21 Apr
Gravity may have control over my physical body but there is that one thing I have control of and that is my mind….20 Apr.
What is the purpose of seeing when everything around us we look at blindly?….17 Apr
Why force your Idea on someone else when it can speak for itself…..16 Apr.
Deep into the silence comes the true sound…..15 Apr
Ever so often, we get in to the frenzy, Spring-cleaning, Pesach cleaning, Christmas cleaning etc… however we shy away from most important of all…the cleansing of the body cleaning….14 Apr.

There is always someone special in our life.
We are special to someone else’s life.
In total, we all are special……13 Apr
When the truth is extended then it becomes a lie…..11 Apr
Our four seasons are Mind, body, Spirit and Soul…..10 Apr
I accept my God given talent to be used in the service of light and love…..9 Apr
Take time out to know your children by genuinely knowing them you willlearn of their true desires and that will make the difference building them into strong pillars within the society…..8 Apr
Without giving any thought, it begins; Action, Reaction, then comes the Confrontation. Think twice before your actions….7 Apr
Let us begin today; less Impeding and more encouraging to one another….4 Apr
I am yet amazed that most of us have not a clue of what we are worth…..3 Apr
I live today I breathe for tomorrow and yet my thoughts are of yesterday…..2 Apr
Be positive, think positive, feel positive but most of all be positive to others….1 Apr
Babies are like uncut diamonds so precious. Like diamonds eventually they are shaped and polished therefore they should be shaped and polished into bonafide diamonds…..31 Mar
To keep dreaming without putting it into action is a waste of a dream….30 Mar
Good listeners become great thinkers and great thinkers become the wisest of the wiser…..28 Mar
Take time out to love yourself……27 Mar
Do not ever lose yourself to anyone it does not matter who or what they are to you…..25 Mar
Laughter strengthens the heart but a simple smile warms the heart of others. …..24 Mar
I love life and life loves me back it is good to be alive….FANGA!…..23 Mar
It is the challenges in our lives that builds our inner strength…..22 Mar
“People who need people are the luckiest people in the world”……21 Mar
To execute what’s in your head could be intimidating at times….20 Mar
Get smarter!……19 Mar
Pleasure comes in many forms……..18 Mar
There comes a time when you have to stand up stronger than ever. It’s my time!…..18 Mar
The steering wheel is in my hands each stop or round about turn I choose must be right at this point in my life….17 Mar
Most times we regress to progress…..16 Mar
The balance got two ends so it’s impossible to be on top without the bottom….14 Mar
We are all creators….13 Mar
Wake up! live, do something! take control!!!……..12 Mar
There are not options growing old however there are options in keeping a young spirit….11 Mar
I am me, I am he, I am she, I am all but one…..10 Mar
Nothing’s new the difference is in the packaging….9 Mar
When I die, the only thing I could keep is my name so it’s important to keep it in good standing…..7 Mar
I may not do what everyone says but I do listen to everyone and that makes my decision easier….6 Mar
You may not change a man’s perception on certain ideas but you can can give him food for thought….5 Mar
To walk away from a confrontation may seem weak to others but it is a courage of strength….4 Mar
For me “EXPERIENCE” is a mans best friend…..3 Mar
God has given us the tools it is up to us to use them wisely….2 Mar
The wisdom I have earned to this day I leave for you tomorrow…..1 Mar
“LUCK” is winning the lottery other than that it’s hard work that brings us results….28 Feb
It is not a shame to be born in the gutter but it is shameful to remain in the gutter……27 Feb
The flow, the balance, the strength, my body speaks. I can tell…..26 Feb
Complimenting my colleagues takes away nothing from me it reassures my confidence of who I am….25 Feb
Some of us looking for security… Some of us looking for love….All I want is contentment which I believe will bring the ultimate “HAPPINNESS”….24 Feb
Why should I imitate someone else when there’s a possibility someone wants to imitate me…..23 Feb
I have surpassed being a victim I am a “Warrior” fighting my daily battles….22 Feb
Humility and confidience within oneself can move mountains!!!…..21 Feb
Anger becomes part of our system and burns the core of our souls…..20 Feb
I accept my God given power to be used in the service of light and love….19 Feb
Love is freedom, love is an entity by itself, love is everything, love is full acceptance of all race, love is to feel compassion freedom to forgive unconditionally and then it becomes the biggest force to release from all our ropes/ties. This is love….18 Feb
It’s up to you to make that change!!!……17 Feb
Some of us may not be intellects but we all are exceptional!……16 Feb
It’s never too late! You can turn your life around…15 Feb


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