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This week it is with great pleasure and deepest respect that I share with you a blog written by one of my dearest friends of over 30 years. Monica Babb hails from Trinidad well, Tobago to be exact, the sister isle of my birth country. She is a woman whom I respect and admire tremendously and therefore it is … Continue reading

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For What It’s Worth….

YOUR DIFFERENCE IS YOUR GENIUS! I truly believe that. When will the time come for us to be open to accepting this word wholeheartedly – Difference! With all that has been taught and trickled down to us over the years proving time and time again that being different can be ingenious I am still amazed that most of us are … Continue reading

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The Yiddish Mamas

Ah another Jewish New Year has come and gone! This time the holidays were four days of bliss and as always it was a grand celebration. Lots of preparation and excitement and let’s not forget the tasty, elaborate and authentic dishes. Everywhere you visited there was food in great quantities, people ate non- stop, it … Continue reading

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The 3 Types of Friends.

FRIENDS – individuals that we inherit everyday in our lives, some accidental, some intentional, it does not matter how we look at it they are part of our existence in life. Sometimes we can rely too much on our friends. Our expectations from friends can mislead us therefore bringing us to a confused state which … Continue reading

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I have always been surrounded by good people, sometimes people who I meet for the first time without knowing them or vice versa. They actually give of themselves and allow themselves to get to know me by sharing their kindness and providing me with a blanket of comfort. Since I have begun writing my blog last … Continue reading

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Eye to I

Forcing our ideas/beliefs unto others is something we all love to do however, sometimes it can be overpowering and can take its toll. Many times I have been accused of being opinionated, controlling even bitchy, the modern word of today. As I have never really given it a thought or saw myself in such light I decided … Continue reading

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Open Letter to Ms. O

She created an undeniable change within the eye of the television circuit as well as our lives. She made the impossible the possible. She came into our living rooms virtually and groomed us for the past twenty five years showing us that we have the power, the Fanga in us to accomplish and to feed our hunger, motivating … Continue reading

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Are You Worthy?

As the saying goes “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” I know some of us are quite busy however no one should be that busy that they are unable to take some time out for themselves. Finding a slot for yourself and enjoying a moment of your time is imperative. By … Continue reading

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Peer Pressure

Peer Pressure, comes from many angles – friends, family, various outside forces, you name it. These two words can become intimidating and destructive depending on how strong is our footing. It can lead us to dark areas, areas that are forced upon us to fit in. Coming from a family of nine brothers and sisters … Continue reading

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Being Green

I did a song a few years ago titled “It’s not that easy being green,” I never paid any attention or thought to it. However, a few days ago I was driving at around 19.00 in the evening, the sun was setting and I drove by this beautiful park that I usually past by almost every … Continue reading

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