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What is FANGA?

The word FANGA! Originates from the West African Mandingo lingo. Literally it translates: Power! – It hits you to the core, in its multifaceted, powerful meaning: everybody has his or her own FANGA! – To me it is resilient, not only powerful, in essence the African rhythm in FANGA! inspires me with a spiritual enlightenment … Continue reading

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The Joy of Music

Alvin Roberts  This week I am pleased to introduce to you a long time friend and fellow musician, Alvin Roberts. I’ve known Alvin for many years and always held great respect for his musical abilities and moreso for the inspirational conversations we have had time and time again. So this week I wanted to share … Continue reading

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Oh What a Rat Race…

“What?! You want to tell me that I cannot have a picture of my nephew to put on my desktop that I will have to go to FB to see his pictures!” When I heard this I laughed my ass off so hard. It was funny but at the same time sad that we no … Continue reading

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Inspiring, reflective, stimulating are just some words to describe what HS FANGA blog is all about. Time to find that FANGA within you!

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