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Open Letter to Ms. O

She created an undeniable change within the eye of the television circuit as well as our lives. She made the impossible the possible. She came into our living rooms virtually and groomed us for the past twenty five years showing us that we have the power, the Fanga in us to accomplish and to feed our hunger, motivating … Continue reading

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Are You Worthy?

As the saying goes “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” I know some of us are quite busy however no one should be that busy that they are unable to take some time out for themselves. Finding a slot for yourself and enjoying a moment of your time is imperative. By … Continue reading

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Time to Say Goodbye

When my girlfriend Resa sent me a SMS telling me Amy Winehouse had died I sent back a reply saying it was only a matter of time. I was not sad about her death, I was angry at her for being so disruptive to her life and cheating us by leaving us so soon. There … Continue reading

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This week I take the pleasure to share with you a piece written by a dear friend of mine, Yafit Israel. There is so much more I can say about Yafit but I think this week’s blog would speak for itself….so enjoy and feel free to share your thoughts. FANGA! “Nudnik” – A Hebrew word coined in … Continue reading

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A Perpetual Exploratory Society

Israelis are a driving force for creativity and hard work. Their stimulus level is undeniably astute and over the years I have come to respect its people and I am highly influenced by them. With such diverse cultures and deep-rooted traditions stemming from different parts of the globe their melting pot is huge – Iraq, … Continue reading

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Lessons in Life

If life could be a wish list it would be wonderful! Having everything our hearts desire could be tempting but really what would life be? There will be no room for disappointment, sadness, or happiness our minds will be as dull and gloomy as a cloudy day. What I discovered is that each one of those words that I … Continue reading

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Caring and Sharing

Some time ago I was leaving a rehearsal and going towards my car when I saw a sort of commotion going on at the opposite side of the street. There were about twenty elderly men, two vans and a lot of bags on the pavement. Out of curiosity I decided to go to see what … Continue reading

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Tough Love

Babies are like uncut diamonds so precious. Like diamonds eventually they are shaped and polished therefore, they should be shaped and polished into bona fide diamonds. Hillary Sargeant. Having lunch with a friend discussing our everyday life situations led us to the topic of parenting and how it is perceived differently by each parent. In today’s society, being … Continue reading

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Violence, what’s in it for us?

Dutch Jews lining up for roll call during the Holocaust Violence! What do we derive from it? Is there enjoyment? Why is it so uncontrolled especially amongst our youths? Going back into history from the days of slavery progressing to the massacre of the Jews, the ethnic cleansing of the Slovakians, the Tootsies of Rwanda … Continue reading

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The Thought that Control Our Lives

Dr Joseph Murphy,  the author of the book The Power of Your Subconscious Mind says, “Fear is a person’s greatest enemy. It is behind failure, sickness and bad human relations. Live life in the joyous expectancy of the best and invariably the best will come to you”. I agree whole heartedly. We fear to live, we … Continue reading

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