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The Big Twist!

Katie Byron says, “There are three businesses in our lives – my business, your business and God’s business!” And that brings me to my topic “THE BIG TWIST”. The saying ‘Who laughs last laughs best’ has some truth to it however, it is not so much who does the last laugh, but the awareness of … Continue reading

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A Perpetual Exploratory Society

Israelis are a driving force for creativity and hard work. Their stimulus level is undeniably astute and over the years I have come to respect its people and I am highly influenced by them. With such diverse cultures and deep-rooted traditions stemming from different parts of the globe their melting pot is huge – Iraq, … Continue reading

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What is FANGA?

The word FANGA! Originates from the West African Mandingo lingo. Literally it translates: Power! – It hits you to the core, in its multifaceted, powerful meaning: everybody has his or her own FANGA! – To me it is resilient, not only powerful, in essence the African rhythm in FANGA! inspires me with a spiritual enlightenment … Continue reading

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Learning to Leverage Our Talents

There is a saying, “Don’t hang your hat higher than you can reach.” For most of us, it is common to do that. We all desire to have beautiful things in life and nothing is wrong with that, I do it all the time. To have a nice car, a beautiful house, lots of money … Continue reading

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Inspiring, reflective, stimulating are just some words to describe what HS FANGA blog is all about. Time to find that FANGA within you!

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