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What is FANGA?

The word FANGA! Originates from the West African Mandingo lingo. Literally it translates: Power! – It hits you to the core, in its multifaceted, powerful meaning: everybody has his or her own FANGA! – To me it is resilient, not only powerful, in essence the African rhythm in FANGA! inspires me with a spiritual enlightenment … Continue reading

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Long Live Your Name!

Having dinner with a couple of friends two weeks ago, one of them said to me, “Hillary, this morning I was thinking how we are born into this world, work very hard to achieve so much (and) then we die.” Few days ago another friend said almost the same thing and of course it set … Continue reading

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Free Your Soul

You meet someone for the first time and you are not yourself. You begin to fidget, you are at a lost for words or just can’t find the right words to say. It’s as if you are having a superficial experience trying to impress that person.   Did you ever stop and wonder, take yourself back into your … Continue reading

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The Joy of Music

Alvin Roberts  This week I am pleased to introduce to you a long time friend and fellow musician, Alvin Roberts. I’ve known Alvin for many years and always held great respect for his musical abilities and moreso for the inspirational conversations we have had time and time again. So this week I wanted to share … Continue reading

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It’s Party Time!

One of my gifts is having great parties. For me it is the epitome of enjoyment, a few hours of sheer delight amongst friends. Planning a party is lots of fun, whether you order catering or decide to cater for yourself; it is a getaway holiday at home. A complete relaxation for a few hours … Continue reading

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Learning to Leverage Our Talents

There is a saying, “Don’t hang your hat higher than you can reach.” For most of us, it is common to do that. We all desire to have beautiful things in life and nothing is wrong with that, I do it all the time. To have a nice car, a beautiful house, lots of money … Continue reading

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Connecting to our Inner World

Understanding and connecting to our inner existence is as crucial as our outer physical form. It is important for us to know and to be aware of our bodies. By doing this we may boost our lives giving it a quality beyond comprehension. As we all know proper food for the soul is as important … Continue reading

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Unexpected Connections

I would like to show my deepest gratitude to a special woman who came into my life with no expectations and became a driving force in the most defining point in my life. Her diligence, focus and meticulous way of doing things helped me to shine through and gave me the freedom to be creative … Continue reading

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Discrimination is prevalent throughout the world. Looking at that heading I guess you are saying she is right, she is on the button. It is a fact we live everyday with this expression so let’s get down to the wire….. My intentions today are not to debate about the race card but to raise the … Continue reading

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True Friendship…

Once I first met my long life companion I told myself “This is a tryout after all for sure he’s not my soul mate and he’s too old for me anyway!” 🙂 I started my game of “let me have some fun,” after all having a short fling one could never go wrong. Twenty-three years … Continue reading

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Inspiring, reflective, stimulating are just some words to describe what HS FANGA blog is all about. Time to find that FANGA within you!

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