Fanga Songs


It’s been a lie it’s been a lie
It’s been a lie lie,lie, lie

False leaders pretenters
Impersonating you and me
black people true leaders
search through time you’ll see
cursed lepers destroyers
Plundering to keep us down
War mongers exploiters
Seeking praise while they wear our crown

Let’s journey through history
Analyze what has been told
Examine the theraphy
That’s been spoonfed
Throughout the world
Is it fair? Is it right?
That all great leaders are white
We know as a proven fact
That the greatest kings in the world
Were black

Chaka zulu
Martin luther king

False leaders pretenders
true imposters in our shoes
Lack people true leaders
Those imposters are not real jews
Proped up by rome to head the throne
check history you will find
They claiming what’s not there own
Revalation chapter 2 verse 9

False leaders pretenders
It’s up to you to choose
Black people true leaders
It’s time you except
That you too are jews
Curse lepers destroyers

Spoiling the earth in every way
War mongers building arms
Without fear of judgement day

Uriah buzz butler

Nelson mandela

Fanga! Fanga! Fanga!


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