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Lessons in Life

I live today, I breathe for tomorrow and yet my thoughts are of yesterday.....Hillary Sargean

If life could be a wish list it would be wonderful! Having everything our hearts desire could be tempting but really what would life be? There will be no room for disappointment, sadness, or happiness our minds will be as dull and gloomy as a cloudy day. What I discovered is that each one of those words that I described above has its pre-requisites.

Let us take disappointment – to be disappointed can be devastating and while being devastated everything happens on point and at the same time. For example, our ego, the hurt, the fear all these emotions boil together for what we planned is no longer to be and we foresee everything with a negative mind.

I am sure you can look back at one time when you were disappointed, there you were thinking the world was crumbling around you and you kept asking yourself how much worst can it be. But, in retrospect, after giving it deep deliberation, you came to realize that you have gained from that experience and even though you were disappointed you were thankful in the end.

The downturns in our life can be the upturns of our future. Lessons in life come in many forms. Therefore it is up to us to carefully give thought and to be aware of our circumstances. This is where experience becomes man’s greatest friend. I have learnt over the years to keep a healthy perspective on the outlook of the ‘comings and goings’ in my life. It keeps me optimistic motivated and wrinkle free 🙂 Life is beautiful as we all know but it is short. There is a passage in the Bible that says “a thousand years in thy eye sight is just another day”.

So when next disappointment comes your way take time to nurture your pain in an uplifting way. Do not remain wallowing in your despair. When we allow our emotions to take control over us it brings us into such wreckage, it dampens the spirits and builds toxins within our daily system. Recently I was disappointed in a big way and this was just one of my ways I chose to deal with it……FANGA!

About hsfanga

As a prolific vocalist I have spent many years crafting and developing my talent to reach my present point. Although I still have a long way to go I am truly grateful for the energies and blessings that the universe has poured into my life. And despite all the difficulties and challenges faced I am excited to share this journey with you....FANGA!


2 thoughts on “Lessons in Life

  1. I love it. Optimism optimism

    Posted by kabuemerce | August 28, 2015, 23:36
  2. Awesome..I love this,it’s especially helpful for someone like me who seems to take disappointment a little too personal and harbour it..I’ve learnt something!

    Posted by falilat | July 3, 2015, 06:41

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